The olive grove that produces the estate’s extravirgin olive oil is beautifully integrated into Giodo’s vineyards as a natural component of the landscape. Growing at 400 metres’ elevation, these 130 trees are cultivated under the watchful eye of Carlo Ferrini. This Tuscan treasure is made from the Frantoio and Moraiolo varieties, with a small amount of Pendolino.

In early November, when the polyphenols have reach optimal balance, the olives are hand-harvested and brought to the press house within two hours, in order to fully preserve their aromatic qualities. An oxygen-free system with a rotary-bladed malaxer, which prevents oxidation and over-heating the olive pulp, ensures the highest possible quality oil; the final product is then centrifugally extracted at 23oC. The oil then goes to fill the small, dark-green bottles with their immediately-recognisable labels.

Giodo extravirgin olive oil displays a shimmering, topaz-green, which will develop golden highlights over the coming months. It is redolent of fragrant tomato leaf and artichoke, which yield to arugula and radish on the finish. Overall, the oil unleashes an intricate, utterly delicious duet between pungent and bitterish components and impressions.

Technical Sheet